Declutter Your Life

Do you wish that your life was free of unnecessary clutter? Are you unsure of how to organize your surroundings? You are taking big strides to lose weight as part of your weight loss program in Ocala. Take that effort into your home and begin to organize all aspects of your life. Decluttering your home will free up the space necessary to keep order in your life. Plus, it’s easy to do. Instead of tackling your entire house all at once, break up organizing into easy steps.

Have a few places around your house that are always free of clutter. This may be your bedroom’s nightstand, your work desk in your home office or your child’s play area. Expand your clutter-free areas when possible. Eventually, your entire home will be clutter-free. This is an easy, no pressure approach to getting more out of your space over time.

Every few weeks, designate one day of the weekend to cleaning up a specific area of your home. Organize your hallway coat closet, junk drawer in the kitchen or entryway on your cleanup day. Every few weeks, tackle a new project. You won’t feel overwhelmed by having to clean everything up all at once and eventually every area of your home will be organized.

Every other day or every three days, take 20 minutes in the morning or evening to straighten up. You may not be able to put everything away that you want, but put each room back in order to the best of your ability. Also, try to get into the habit of putting an item away as soon as you’re finished with it. Remember that it won’t be easier later to put something away. In fact, it’ll be harder to straighten up when everything’s disorganized.

Give yourself time to make new habits. You won’t be able to change completely overnight, but with time your home will be clutter-free.


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