Mind over Matter? The Shape-wear Debate

Weight loss and shape wearFor those who are not aware, shape-wear refers to the slimming shorts and slips that women don underneath their skinny jeans and sundresses. And for those who think this is a fad that attracts only a small niche of people, take a stroll through the ladies department of any major store—a lot of women are wearing them. While medical weight loss solutions like fat burning injections help women to show off their skin and feel comfortable without the ultra-tight underclothes, many women turn to their modern-day girdle to give them that slim look while they are in the process of losing weight.

There are downsides to shape-wear.

To start, the products are pretty uncomfortable. The tight spandex pushes everything in so that your stomach, butt and thighs are all held tight and firm. In a lot of cases these products seem like they can defy gravity, but you will pay the price for it after a long day. Heartburn and acid reflux could result due to the extra pressure on your stomach all day, and if the product is too tight a lot of women find that they have trouble breathing while wearing their shorts.

While the product may make you feel like you are still fitting into your favorite jeans, it is all mind-trickery. Wouldn’t you rather feel your best while striding around in those skinny jeans? The shape-wear is just a façade. You may think you haven’t gained any weight, but the uncomfortable look on your face says differently.

Is it mind over matter?

What is more, certain shape-wear companies are now claiming to actually help you lose weight and fight aging while you wear their products. Copper-infused girdles are advertised to have antimicrobial properties that will repair your body while you look ten pounds lighter. This line of shape-wear claims to lift and slim any protruding bulges from your belly, hips and thighs.

Beware of a scam when you see one. There is no magical product out there that is going to correct your wrinkles, eat away excess fat and lift sagging extremities—that just isn’t going to happen. Instead of splurging for a quick fix, it is a much better idea to take your weight loss efforts seriously and turn to the guided support of a medical weight loss program.

If you are hoping to shed a few pounds to fit into your favorite dresses for the summer, there are much better ways to do so without living in your spandex. Look into fat burning injections as a way to lose weight fast and forget the shape-wear at home.



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