Putting the Power of Exercise to Work for You

We hear it all the time, and we know it’s true. Exercise is good for us and can make weight loss easier and our bodies healthier. It’s just getting up off the couch to start that is the problem. Exercise is an essential part of any medical weight loss plan. There are many activities we can choose from to get the exercise we need.

The Surgeon General states that regular physical exercise can reduce the occurrence of many life threatening diseases including the risk of dying from heart disease and the risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes.

Starting is easier than many people think, especially with the great weather and choice of activities we have in the Ocala area. The first step is to get up and start doing something. Medical professionals recommend starting with at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise several times a week. Get out and go swimming or walking. Every little bit helps. Over time, work your way into jogging or you can choose a sport that may add some variety to your exercise routine such as tennis. You should always choose an exercise that is right and good for you.

Setting a schedule for getting your exercise is very important. Choosing a time of day that will allow you to create a schedule and routine will assure that you get healthy and lose weight. If you need external motivation or assistance, find a friend to exercise with. Walking and having conversations with a friend changes exercising from a chore to an enjoyable activity. As your weight loss increases you will find more energy and the desire to be more active.

Set goals for yourself with rewards for achieving those goals. When you reach a milestone reward yourself with something you wouldn’t normally choose to do or give yourself. Then go out and try to achieve your next goal. Each milestone achieved makes the next one easier and more rewarding. Following these easy steps will make you feel healthier, give you more energy and help you lose weight.


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