Hair Removal: It’s Not Just for the Ladies Anymore

Forget about the graphic movie scenes with men crying after chest hair is ripped out of their chests. Laser hair removal has taken a big turn in recent years and is now essentially a painless procedure, making it an aesthetic necessity for any man who is up for braving the beach this summer.

Market trends show that currently in the United States up to 96% of men participate in some sort of hair removal. If you aren’t happy with the hair that is on your face then you shave it off. What makes any other part of your body different?

It’s Not a Wax

Hair removal is not just for the chest and back anymore. Laser hair removal uses precise technology that makes it possible to target areas that are otherwise hard to reach. This could include hair in places like:

  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Knuckles
  • Armpits

Many men opt to have hair removed from the back of their necks as well, which makes it possible to go longer in between haircuts.

There isn’t a Stigma

Again, Hollywood often portrays hair removal as being un-masculine, but smooth skin is gender universal. Many men have trouble walking into a wellness spa for treatment, but rest assured that once you are inside the process is actually pretty relaxing.

‘Manscaping,’ as so many call it, is an emerging trend. A quick peruse of the internet reveals movie stars and professional athletes who have taken to all sorts of previously-feminine grooming procedures, including everything from Botox to manicures. Hairless, smooth skin is becoming the expected norm on many Florida beaches, and soon enough it is likely to be the hairy man on the beach that sticks out—not the man who took the time to have his back-hair tamed.

Laser Treatment is Essentially Painless

Too many people have warped perceptions of lasers burning hair off of their body. The process of laser hair removal feels similar to a series of small rubber-band snaps. The pain associated is minimal—chances are you would experience more discomfort during a typical shave.

In the Florida heat there is no reason to add an extra layer of warmth between your skin and your clothing. Laser hair removal in Ocala is a must for men who are ready to enjoy the summer months without the embarrassment that comes from taking off your shirt.

Don’t let excess hair hold you back this summer. Taking care of your body extends beyond the gym and eating a healthy diet, and laser hair removal is just one more step to whole body well-being.



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