Stay Cool, Look Hot

Beat the heat with these three simple tips for the perfect summer workout

Things are heating up out there, but don’t let the Florida sun discourage you from getting in a decent workout. If you haven’t started working off that winter weight yet, you’re long past due—it’s time to get into swimsuit shape again, which means tightening those abs, toning, tanning and maybe some laser hair treatment. Ocala has tons of opportunities for outdoor exercise, but here are some great tips for beating the heat and having some fun while getting back into your perfect beach body.

Lift your water. Staying hydrated during summer workout routines is absolutely crucial, so you’ll need to bring water with you whenever you’re heading out for some exercise. Since you’re carrying it with you anyway, why not incorporate it into your workout? Try splitting your water supply into two bottles and using them as weights. You can use them for basic curl exercises or keep one in each hand as walking weights, just make sure you’ve got bottles with a decent ergonomic grip or they may slip right out of your hands.

Cool your body down. Nothing feels better than jumping into the pool or grabbing an ice cold shower after a brutal workout. But cooling your body down before a workout can actually be a big help too, by lowering your heart rate and improving your body’s stamina and performance in the heat. Not too keen on getting soaking wet before you exercise? One simple way to cool down is to soak a hand towel in cool water and keep it rolled up in the fridge. Just touch it to the back of your neck for a quick temperature drop before you head out.

Mix it up outdoors. I’m sure you have a favorite form of exercise, but summer is the perfect time to stir things up by trying some new outdoor activities. The swimming pool can be a welcome sanctuary from the summer heat and offers great low-impact, high-resistance exercises for both strength training and cardio. Cycling and hiking will let you enjoy the natural beauty of central Florida while still getting a solid workout in.

Just make sure you aren’t focusing too much on core exercises—everyone wants to have great abs to show off during swimsuit season, but it takes more than just daily sit-ups to achieve a flat tummy. Make sure your routine has elements of weight training and cardiovascular exercise for maximum benefits. Whatever you decide to do, switching around your routine now and again will keep your body from getting comfortable, helping you get the most out your workout so you look great all summer long.




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