Important hCG Notice

Recent changes in FDA regulations have resulted in limited to no access to hCG. Compounding pharmacies are no longer permitted to manufacture hCG unless they obtain a “Biologic” License. This license would cost millions of dollars and a new facility would take years to complete. Additionally, brand name hCG is very expensive and has been on backorder for months due to increased demand for other medical treatments. Please be advised that anyone offering you hCG is doing so illegally or can only continue until their supply is depleted. After exploring many options, Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa has chosen the most safe and effective weight loss injection regimen to replace hCG in order to continue weight-loss efficiency and efficacy. Our patients will receive in office injections of a LIPO/MIC formulation as well as a B12 injection. This combination is proven to result in increased cellular and fat metabolism as well as improve overall energy. Our patients utilizing our “take-home” kits will receive 5 additional LIPO/MIC injections in order to optimize weight-loss success and improve overall energy. Please understand that the most important part of any successful weight-loss journey is to be engaged with an established, proven program, such as that offered by Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa. The injections and appetite suppressants and “tools” that will greatly improve the overall effectiveness of the program but injections and medications alone are not the answer. We thank you for trusting us with your weight-loss journey needs and look forward to continuing to serve you and helping each of you achieve and maintain your goals!


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