JUVÉDERM® Family of Products

What is JUVÉDERM®?

One of the most consistently popular dermal fillers, JUVÉDERM® is an FDA-approved cosmetic injectable that is designed to soften the appearance of common signs of aging. JUVÉDERM® is made with hyaluronic acid, a volumizing substance that naturally occurs in the body. The smooth, gel-like formula can be used to address a wide range of concerns, and each treatment in the family of JUVÉDERM® products offers unique benefits. Depending on your cosmetic goals and individual needs, we can help you determine which type of JUVÉDERM® can best achieve your desired outcome. We have provided a quick overview of the different formulas of JUVÉDERM® we offer. For additional information and to schedule a consultation, please contact our medical team.


JUVÉDERM® Ultra is the original formula, offering soft, smooth, and natural-looking rejuvenation of a number of common concerns. JUVÉDERM® can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and near the nose and mouth, as well as add fullness to the lips. During the treatment, JUVÉDERM® will be administered via injection into a series of locations by our skilled physician. You should notice immediate improvement in the treated area. Some minor bruising and swelling where the injection occurred is normal and should fade quickly. JUVÉDERM® Ultra typically lasts about eight or nine months, sometimes longer, although your experience may vary. Maintenance treatments can help extend the length of benefits beyond this period.


Designed specifically to restore volume to the mid-facial area, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® is made of a thicker hyaluronic acid-based gel to provide noticeable improvement in the contour of the face. Whether caused by the natural process of aging, genetics, or adverse health conditions, this innovative filler can help create a youthful softness to the cheeks. As with original JUVÉDERM®, VOLUMA™ offers instant improvement in the treated area with little to no downtime. Some bruising and tenderness may result, but these symptoms should subside within a day or two. Due to the unique consistency of VOLUMA™, patients can enjoy the benefits for up to two years.


Lips can thin as a natural part of the aging process or they may be thin as a matter of birth and genetics. Either way, fuller, shapelier lips can now be had without surgery. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® is designed to plump lips with subtle and natural-looking results that are pillowy-soft. VOLBELLA® also can be used to define and refine lip contour and soften the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth (sometimes called smoker’s lines). VOLBELLA® is administered in a series of injections into carefully selected locations, which may then experience some mild swelling and bruising. These symptoms should diminish after a day or two. VOLBELLA® is designed to last up to one year, and you should be able to extend the benefits with occasional “touch-up” sessions.

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