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IV Nutritional Therapy

At Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa, our supervising physicians, aestheticians, and lifestyle coaches approach every treatment plan with the goal of enriching the lives of our patients. When you visit our practice, expect to find a wide array of weight loss solutions, non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures, skin care products, and other advanced treatments aimed to enhance both your physical health and your confidence.

Our team is pleased to offer a number of intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy options. Composed of nourishing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our drips are designed to cleanse the body of harmful bacteria, boost immunity, increase collagen production, and offer several additional benefits. Depending on your unique physical needs and cosmetic goals, allow us to help you choose from one of the specially-developed drips below.

Wellness Drips

Fitness Drip

A wonderful choice for athletes, our Fitness Drip strives to improve athletic performance from start to finish. This drip may be recommended to improve muscle recovery, facilitate joint mobility, and reduce inflammation.

Inflammation Drip

Our Inflammation Drip is typically best suited for patients who suffer from chronic muscular and joint pain or who are healing from a major operation. In addition to the potential for easing discomfort, it is designed to facilitate tissue healing and hasten the recovery process.

Immunity Drip

To support the immune system and offer protection from harmful bacteria, the potent Immunity Drip may be recommended. Many patients choose this option as a method of prevention therapy during cold and flu season.

Aesthetic Drips

Beauty Enhancing Drip

Our Beauty Enhancing Drip was designed to curb unwanted effects of aging and stimulate collagen and elastin production. It aims to strengthen the hair, skin, joints, and nails, brighten the skin, and contribute to a more youthful, revitalized appearance.

Slim Drip

Often used to supplement our customized weight loss solutions, our Slim Drip may be recommended to boost metabolism and regulate appetite. It is also designed to provide digestive support and a significant energy boost.

Hydration Drip

Specially developed as a dehydration remedy, our Hydration Boost may be an ideal solution for helping to cleanse the body of toxins, slow signs of aging, and even for improving cardiovascular health.

Specialized Drips

Detox Drip

Unfortunately, the average American is surrounded by harmful toxins and heavy metals. Thankfully, detoxifying IV drips – such as this one – are designed to reduce oxidative damage, raise antioxidant levels, and even decrease sensitivity to allergens.

Myers Drip

The Myers Drip is the first of its kind ever to be concocted. Crafted by Dr. John Myers of Baltimore, MD in 1954, the drip is used by expert physicians all over the world to help curb fatigue, headaches, and migraines; ease pain; enhance the mood; and more.

Party Drip

Our Party Drip is full of helpful vitamins and electrolytes to mitigate hangover symptoms.

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