Permanent Makeup

Many women utilize cosmetics on a daily basis to help them look and feel more beautiful; however, the process of applying make-up on a daily basis can be both time consuming and expensive. Some women spend as much as an hour or more getting ready each day, and the cost of make-up products – even inexpensive brands – can add up over time. Furthermore, many individuals have sensitive skin that is irritated by the artificial ingredients and preservatives found in many powders and creams. Fortunately, at our state-of-the-art medical spa, we offer treatment that can often speed routines, save money long-term, and still allow women to wear the cosmetic style they prefer: Permanent Make-up.

PermMakeupPermanent Make-up, also called cosmetic tattooing, is designed to enhance the facial features in the same way as traditional cosmetics, although with much longer-lasting results. One of our highly trained Permanent Make-up Specialist will define the patient’s eyes, brows, and/or lips to suit her desired goals and unique style. As a result, she can arise in the morning with expertly applied make-up and more time on her hands.

Cosmetic tattooing typically lasts several years or more, so our priority is to create natural-looking, beautiful results that our patients love. During the initial consultation, our Permanent Make-up Specialist will customize a unique treatment plan that addresses the individual’s style and expectations for her appearance. A highly collaborative experience, we strive to develop a look she will be delighted to wake up to every morning.

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