Fat Burning Injections in Ocala

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone found in women during the early stages of pregnancy. It helps maintain nutrient levels to the developing fetus, even when food is in short supply. Since the early 1950s, doctors specializing in weight loss have used this protective quality of HCG to help their patients lose body fat without losing muscle tissue mass.

Administration of HCG injections in combination with a low-calorie diet appears to affect the part of the brain that controls metabolism and allows the areas of fat that are notoriously difficult to lose, such as belly, thighs and chest fat, to be used for energy during dieting.

What to expect from HCG Injections

While there is disagreement in the medical community regarding the effectiveness of HCG in weight loss, the results achieved by patients at Lifestyle Solutions Medspa indicate that HCG is an effective weight loss agent and that it facilitates weight loss in patients who have been unsuccessful in many other weight loss programs.

With regular HCG injections, we see an increase in fat loss beyond what we see if the patient were to adhere strictly to a specific diet. Along with increased weight loss, patients report that the diet portion of their program is easier to adhere to when they are receiving HCG injections. This is likely due to the blood sugar stabilizing effect of HCG.

With HCG injections and a controlled-calorie diet under close medical supervision, patients routinely lose up to a pound a day. HCG injections help patients maintain this level of weight loss until they reach their goal weight. HCG is thought to “reset” the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls metabolism) so that weight lost during the diet phase stays off when the patient returns to a healthy maintenance diet.

From our clinical experience, HCG injections work by helping people who find dieting difficult kick start their weight loss program and lose more weight than they have been able to achieve in the past without HCG.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for cell metabolism (energy use), synthesis of DNA, and maintaining blood health.

Because of its role in metabolism, vitamin B12 injections have been found to boost energy levels and foster a sense of wellbeing in patients who may be struggling with a weight loss program. In fact, vitamin B12 is so effective at increasing energy levels that is often used as part of the treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The energy boost from vitamin B12 helps people become more enthusiastic about increasing activity levels for weight loss. Being more motivated for exercise allows patients to exercise more, maintain their activity levels at a higher rate throughout the day, and stay on their exercise program longer.

While vitamin B12 is known for the energy boost it provides, it is also associated with relief of depression and stress. Because weight gain is often associated with high levels of stress and feelings of depression, relief of these feelings helps people get on track with weight loss and maintain a higher level of weight loss to reach their goal.

Are Vitamin B12 injections better than Vitamin B12 pills?

There is no doubt that vitamin B12 injections have a faster and longer-lasting effect than B12 pills or capsules. The quality of vitamin B12 in a medical grade injection is much higher and this increases the amount of vitamin B12 that is available to the body for use. This is referred to as bioavailability, and when taken in pill form, vitamin B12 is poorly absorbed through the gut, which means it has a much lower bioavailability and is, as a result, less effective.