Bringing Weight Loss to the Bank

If you think eating healthy requires a hefty budget, then it is time for you to think again. When you break it all down, eating out is actually a whole lot pricier than eating in—and it doesn’t matter whether the meals you are ordering on-the-go are being served on a plate or in a bag. Eating at home gives you the freedom to improve the nutritional quality of your dining choices without breaking the bank.

The myth around how expensive it is to eat healthy is based on the price of a dollar-menu item compared to the cost of buying ingredients to prepare the same item at home. However, when you purchase items at the grocery store you are buying more than one serving. When added together, preparing food at home will be cheaper than buying food for you and your family. You just need to purchase ingredients that will last, create a plan to use what you buy and make the most of every item you bring home.

Here are a few tips to start eating healthier on a budget:

  • Buy whole foods. The more slicing, dicing and other sorts of pre-packaging an item goes through, the more it will cost. Stick with whole fruits and veggies, opt for larger pieces of meat you can cut into smaller portions and stay away from the pre-made pastas and dinner starter kits.
  • Buy in bulk. Items that you use frequently will be cheaper if you buy them in bulk. This is especially great for meat. Purchase larger packs of chicken or other lean protein sources and cut them into pre-portioned sizes before freezing them in plastic wrap. When it is time to defrost, take out the proper number of portions for your meal.
  • Cook for the leftovers. You can save a lot of money by bringing lunch to work every day, but a sandwich isn’t always the most appetizing choice. Make enough dinner to have a small portion remaining for the next day’s lunch. This will save you time and money, and ensure that you have a great lunch every day.

Shopping for produce by season is another great way to save money on food. Fruits and vegetables taste best in season, and the surplus of the item will drive the price down. Changing up your menu based on the season will perk up your taste buds too!


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