Weight Loss Testimonials

Well it’s been over six years ago now, but I have a lot of medical problems. Had a lot because of domestic violence, thyroids being removed and so. I have always been slender, younger Read More
All my life I’ve been very athletic, handball, weight, running. Injured my shoulder about five years ago and had to drop out of that. I went from 175 to 200 pounds in about three Read More
I used to work in theatre and I had a crazy schedule. You know you wake up at like noon to go to work, and you don’t get done till about two. I lived Read More
I’ve been on this for six weeks. I’ve lost thirty pounds, that’s no joke - thirty pounds. I have stopped snoring, my wife had just said to me the other night, I can’t Read More
For me it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. I tried losing a little weight on my own I took off a few pounds at work, it was hard to maintain Read More


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