Get Fit with your Hula Hoop

When the hula-hoop craze swept the nation in the fifties, it was widely viewed as a toy for kids and an activity for young girls. Over the years, hula-hoop lovers have come to realize that this deceptively simple toy is a fitness gym in a circle, a round miracle for weight loss and an instant toner for arms, thighs, glutes and abdominals. Combine hula hooping with fat burning injections for enhanced weight loss!

Yes, you read that right. Stop looking for hula-hoops in the toy aisle, because you’re more likely to find it in the exercise department. Compared to the cost of a gym membership or weights, you’re going to love how affordable this simple tool is. All you need is the hoop, some time and the willingness to start shaking, twirling and rotating off the weight.

Start with the classic. This would be the move that has you thinking you’re watching a Hawaiian dancer do the hula. Swing your hips from side to side, keeping the hoop solidly around your waist. Imagine yourself in a crowded nightclub, standing next to friends and doing “the bump” as you hit your hips against each other. Try to keep the hoop swinging for a full minute, take a break to catch your breath, and then do another minute. When you’ve done a few reps to the side, move the hips from front to back.

Tone your arms by swinging the hoop around your arms. It’s cheaper than a gym, more fun and your kids are sure to be amazed at how efficient you are with this classic toy. Give yourself an extra work out by leaning forward as you work the hoop. The fat you’ve been carting around in your stomach can vanish as your thighs will become leaner and your arms toner.


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