How Laser Hair Removal Works

To avoid repetitive shaving, epilation or waxing, people who want long lasting hair removal turn to laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal can provide extended periods of time of hair free areas, and, sometimes, permanent hair removal results are achieved.

So, how does laser hair removal work? Ocala, Florida, laser technicians use the light from a laser to destroy hair at its root. The light is targeted at the hair shaft, destroying the hair at its root source. Since lasers are targeted at pigmentation, they work well on darker hair. With the advancement of laser technology, laser hair removal is now more effective for people with varying skin tones and hair color.

To begin, your technician applies a gel to the area coveted to be treated. The gel acts as a conductor for the laser as well as helps to keep your skin cool during your laser hair removal treatment. Any discomfort during the procedure is mild and quickly wanes.

Because chemicals can impede the effectiveness of the hair removal process, your area of the skin to be treated should be clear of creams, lotions or cosmetics, which your laser technician will ensure. Residual chemicals from lotions and cosmetics can cause adverse reactions in some patients when combined with a laser.

It can take from three to eight sessions over a course of several months to a year to keep an area hair free. Because hair growth is cyclical in nature, repeated sessions are advised to achieve long lasting results.


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