Top Ten Health Benefits of Massage

One great solution to the daily stressors in life that may promote a calm state of mind, as well benefit any medical weight loss program, is massage therapy. Massage has been used by different cultures for centuries, and today massage is used by both professional athletes as well as many physicians to tackle physical ailments and alleviate stress. Here are ten reasons to consider massage in your weight loss efforts:

  • Circulation – Massage therapy can help increase circulation throughout the body, and in turn increase the healing time of muscles following a workout. Muscle growth can help increase metabolism and enhance weight loss efforts.
  • Posture – Proper posture can help perform exercise more efficiently. Massage can assist in posture by relaxing major muscle groups throughout the body and also increases support and flexibility in the spine.
  • Breathing– Aerobic exercise is vital to consistent weight loss. Massage can improve breathing and allow increased oxygen intake and circulation throughout the body. Increased oxygen can enhance muscles while decreasing the opportunity for headaches and body aches due to tension.
  • Flexibility – Massage is a common therapy following joint surgery to enhance flexibility in the compromised joint. The same type of massage can be applied to joints throughout the body to increase flexibility and relieve tension and tightness following workouts.
  • Skin tone – Massage commonly uses many different oils and creams. While some may be scented or include menthol to promote a calm or healing feeling, others include essential vitamins and minerals that benefit skin health and tone such as vitamin D or vitamin E.
  • Relaxation – One of the immediate mental benefits of massage is the level of relaxation. As tension is released in major areas of the body such as the neck, shoulders and lower back, the body is able to enter a relaxed state that often relieves your mind of stressors.
  • Calm Sense of Mind– When stress is relieved in the body, the mind is also freed from that stress and the anxiety that goes with it. This calm sense of mind can be beneficial in collecting thoughts and planning the next step in weight loss efforts as well as addressing other factors of life in a calm deliberate manner.
  • Alertness – Along with a calm sense of being and freedom from outside stressors, the state of relaxation allowed by massage can also increase awareness and alertness.
  • Anxiety – Massage relief is a chain of events that leads to an overall feeling of calmness. Along with relaxation and increased alertness, massage will also help to reduce your anxiety. The combination of reduced anxiety and calmness may reduce the production of cortisol and enhance weight loss efforts.
  • Focus – All the physical and mental benefits of massage can help you to focus more on your daily tasks.

Massage therapy can enhance the benefits of any medical weight loss program. If you are unfamiliar with massage or are not sure which of the many varieties can benefit you the most, a short conversation with your therapist or clinician can help determine what type of massage will benefit you the most.



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