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Video Transcript

First thing that Dr. Holloway said to me, and it caught me by surprise. He said, I hope your not here for a diet plan, because this isn’t a diet. And that kind of set me at ease right off the bat.

I felt at first, I’m thinking I’m going to walk in; this gentleman is going to put me on a diet. Well I already know how to diet, I know how to cut my calories, I know how to do all that stuff, but that wasn’t what I needed. I needed someone to tell me how to live. Explain to me, this is what you’re eating, and this is what it’s doing to your body.

Everything that I eat goes into my body and it affects the way I feel, the way that I sleep. I feel a hundred percent better, I feel fantastic.  It’s changed everything about my life. I don’t snore anymore; I don’t take high blood pressure medication anymore. I’m not at the target weight that I want to be at. But soon, soon it’ll get there. I’ve another thirty pounds to go.

I’ve been on this for six weeks.  I’ve lost thirty pounds, that’s no joke – thirty pounds. I have stopped snoring, my wife had just said to me the other night, I can’t believe it but you’re not snoring anymore. Not at all. First time in ten years I haven’t been snoring. I had sleep apnea; I’m sleeping through the night. I wake up rested, I feel fantastic. It has made a huge difference.

When you come in they are almost like rooting for you. They are so happy that you’re doing well. They never make you feel like a loser, they never make you feel like you failed. They are always rooting for you; they are always on your side and I feel like they are behind me.  I feel like I have a support staff every time I come in here. I’m excited to see these guys, they’re terrific ladies, they really are all of them.

I start the day earlier, I work a little later, and at the end of the day I don’t just plop down on the couch and open up a bag of chips. I’ve got energy. I’ll find myself thinking what else can I do today; I’ve got more time in the day lets do it. And I’ve got more productive, and my sales have actually gone up. I’ve been a sales rep for many years, and I never realized the food that I was eating had an impact on my paycheck. Because I’m more efficient, I’m more alert, I’m more on time, I’m motivated. I’m more energetic, and I’m more enthusiastic. I just don’t feel tired. After you eat a big pasta meal, you just feel so blah. But not anymore.

A lot of people are kind of thinking to themselves, I want to make this particular weight, and its really not that so much for me. It’s more I want to look a particular way. I want to be able to take my shirt off at the beach, and feel good about it and not be embarrassed. I want to be able to go to a pool party with workers or friends, and be able to swim. And not have to be embarrassed or ashamed to take my shirt off. I worry about the way I look more, than what the numbers say.

Others are different, and that’s fine. If that works for them, that’s fine, stick with it. My first hesitation was it’s going to be a lot of money. And when I sat down after thirty days, I actually spent less money than just continuing on with the course I was with. When you take out all of the fast food, when you take out all of the terrible carbohydrate filled dinners, even with the cost of this program I have more money in the bank at the end of the month. It pays for itself, it truly does.

Well my insurance covered a portion of it, which was nice. I didn’t expect it, but it was a nice surprise. But more so we actually had a reduction in our insurance premium because I made a healthier life choice. And every insurance company is looking for that healthy life choice. Some force it, previous jobs I’ve had you’ve had to make life choices, or they wouldn’t cover you. Everything has worked out for the best for me.

One thing my boss has absolutely noticed is my increase in productivity. He has been thrilled that my sales numbers are going up, and I’m working later into the day. I’ve got a more positive attitude, I’m more enthusiastic, and all of this since I’ve started the program. He has noticed a difference in my performance, and had he had the opportunity I bet he would have paid for this.

My wife and I are having more fun. We’re more excited in the day; we have more energy to do the things we normally wouldn’t have done. Kayaking, going to the beach, we never did that in the past. It was too much work; I’m tired from the week I just want to take it easy. Heck, now we go to the weekends and we’re just let’s go, let’s do something, let’s go somewhere. It’s made a difference in our relationship.

Dr. Holloway kind of taught me, what choices to make. Whether I made a right one or a wrong one, at least I made an informed decision. I knew what I was eating, I know what I’m going to have for dinner, I know how that’s going to make me feel after dinner, and going right through to the next day. It makes it easier for me to make a good choice. To make a choice that’s going to make me feel better.


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