David Sr. Weight Loss Success

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Video Transcript

All my life I’ve been very athletic, handball, weight, running. Injured my shoulder about five years ago and had to drop out of that. I went from 175 to 200 pounds in about three years. Decided to diet and get rid of it. At the end of two years I’m 210.

I got in the mail a card from Dr. Holloway, decide to come here and check it out. And I was very impressed, it’s elegant. Ok, people are nice, friendly.

The most important thing is diets don’t work. They sell millions and millions of copies of diet handbooks. You see programs on the air; order this food for 90 days you’ll lose weight. Oh I’m sure you will, but when you quit, when that 90 days food runs out you go right back to eating the way you were.

I went off the program for 30 days, and the first two weeks I put on seven pounds. Then I went back to about 1200 calories a day, and by the end of the second two weeks I lost the seven pounds. It’s a change of life style, you know. When you get off a diet, you can’t go back to barbeque, ribs, and donuts. You know, it just doesn’t work.

If you record everyday what you eat, and you keep it under that 1200, you’ll lose three pounds a week every time.

When you get where you want to be, then you kick it back up to 1800, 2000 and you’ll hold your weight. You won’t gain or lose anything. But it’s the life style change, it’s not a diet.


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