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I used to work in theatre and I had a crazy schedule. You know you wake up at like noon to go to work, and you don’t get done till about two. I lived in New York City, very fast paced. Always flying from this city to that city, so I was basically on a diet of coffee and maybe eating one meal a day. And then one day, I just looked in the mirror and wow I don’t feel like that person, I don’t feel like I look like that person. And I realized that I just became really unhealthy.
So I started to make changes, and I started going to the gym, and making healthier eating choices. But it was very, it was kind of an inconsistent response. And when I have the opportunity to come and work with Dr. Holloway and Life Style Solutions I really jumped at that.

One of the best set of tools that I’ve gotten is the consistency of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in-between. That it is really counterproductive to just not eat, because obviously yes you’ll lose weight if you don’t eat. But you will, eventually your body is going to be like oh no. So the consistency of that and the consistency of what you’re eating. Looking at not only your calories but your fat and carb intake. So something can be very low calorie, but be extremely high carb and if you aren’t paying attention to all three of those. You’re not going to get the balance that you need to be healthy and to fuel your body but also to reach your weight loss goals.

When I was exploring options on my own, I tried some online food tracking groups, meeting that you can go to, and have a supportive mainly women with you. And I found out that those weren’t for me, it’s a very personal thing. It’s very much about you, and how you feel, and what your relationship is to yourself, and your relationship with food and exercise and all those things. So I couldn’t find a place where I felt really comfortable, and I do have to say I was nervous coming here just because I thought well I don’t want to be judged. Here you are making this great decision and it should be celebrated and a lot of times in other areas I felt I was being judged or scolded or those kinds of things. And I was pleasantly surprised it’s the complete opposite here.

I might be out of the norm, but I’m the girl who high fives you when we reach a goal, and the staff joins in on that. And were all you know, we celebrate. There’s lots of laughter and its very peaceful, its calm, and it’s great. Simply walking up to the facility, Dr. Holloway, you know before you even get in the door he’s calmed you.

I think a lot of times when young people are in the midst of building their career, and they’re really focused on achieving whatever the companies goals are, their client’s goals, or reaching those milestones in their life that they don’t invest in themselves. And so to stop and take the time to invest in yourself financially, in terms of any fees that are associated with that. In a gym, all of that stuff. Its time to really, the more that you invest in yourself the more you can give towards your goals, towards other things. I say do it, I mean it’s… I wake up every day and I think. I told Dr. Holloway this, I wake up everyday and I’m excited, because I know that I’m one step closer to where I want to be.

If your well isn’t full, and your energy level isn’t high, then your gonna go inefficiently about serving the company your work for or building your dreams, or taking care of your family. You’re not going to… it’s going to take longer and if you can just get focused and get everything on the right forward motion. The younger that you are, then the better its going to be ten years from now, the better it’s going to be fifteen years from now. So putting it off just makes it harder, and putting it off also makes, I think it takes a toll on… you know you only get to be 31, 32, 33 once in your life.

So do you want to be 31 and unhappy with who you are and focused on things that don’t make you a better person or do you want to be 31 and full of energy and excited. Because your not going to get that year back. I mean that’s why I would say do it now.


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