Be More Social to Help You Lose Weight

be more social to help you lose weightYou talk with your doctor for weight loss and are getting fat burning injections, but have you ever considered that your social life might help you lose weight, too? Exercising and making healthy choices are important components of your medical weight loss program, but a study shows your social life may be just as important when it comes to losing weight.

According to researchers from Ohio State University, simple lifestyle changes such as being more social, having friends and spending time with them can potentially help you lose weight—particularly if those friends are engaging in healthy habits of their own.

You and your friends don’t have to join a flag football team or join an aerobic dance class to ensure physical fitness, though those are both great ways to get more active. There are plenty of activities in Ocala for you and your friends to participate in that aren’t a traditional workout.

Social Activities that Entail Fitness and Fun

Visit a state park with your close friends or family members and spend the day exploring the land as you socialize with each other. The fun you can have hiking around for hours can really turn into an exciting adventure with your friends.

Ocala is also home to several nature preserves, and is close to a number of botanical gardens as well. Bring your friends and take your time walking around nature as you observe exotic plants and wildlife in action. Taking the time to appreciate all that nature produces can easily take your mind off the fact you’re putting in some time for physical activity.

If you’re more of a history buff than an explorer, gather your friends and head to a local museum. Ocala is a short drive from the Natural History Museum in Gainesville, as well as several other historical museums where you could spend time walking, exploring and learning about the history of your city.

Physical activity isn’t always the same thing as working out. You can burn a lot of calories spending a day on your feet exploring the mall, a museum or a local park. When you have friends who want to become active with you, then it becomes easier to spend more time being active and losing weight.

Talk to your friends about ways that you can become more active together. In a comment below, let us know what ideas you’ve come up with to become more active with your friends.


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