Learn to Fight These Five Energy Drainers

learn to fight these five energy drainersOne common complaint many people have when turning to their doctor for weight loss support is fatigue. When you don’t have enough energy to go to the gym, cook a healthy dinner or engage in other healthy habits, then medical weight loss programs and fat burning injections aren’t going to help as much as they could. In order to lose weight and keep it off you need to find more energy to do what you love.

When you are energized it is easier to stay motivated to lose weight. Stressors come up every day that can drain you of whatever energy you have left. Knowing how to tackle those stressors and which ones are going to give you more trouble than they are worth might help you preserve a bit more energy and stay positive to keep up with your weight loss goals.

Here are some common energy drainers and how you should avoid them so you can stay energized and on track with your weight loss goals:

  • Energy zap: Envy – We may not ever want to admit it, but harnessing jealous feelings or finding someone else’s good fortune can really take a toll on your energy levels.
  • Energy boost: Count your blessings – When you’re constantly thinking about what you want and not thinking about all of the things you already have to be thankful for, you’re wasting your time and energy.
  • Energy zap: Worry – Worrying seems like second nature when you’re constantly thinking about your job or your kids, but in the end worrying never solves your issues– it only makes you suffer more.
  • Energy boost: Take action – Actions speak louder than words, so fight worry and take gradual steps to cope with your problems. Before you know it, you will have dealt with the issue at hand while saving yourself a lot of unnecessary wasted energy.
  • Energy zap: Unfinished projects – Often we find ourselves in the middle of a project and we start to wonder why we started it in the first place. Constantly postponing projects and not making decisions is a huge energy drain.
  • Energy boost: Just do it –List your unfinished projects in order of priority and make time in your schedule to work on them a little bit at a time—that way you feel like you’re moving forward.
  • Energy zap: Overcommitment – If you’re constantly saying ‘yes’ to everyone around you—that means your mom, kids, boss, neighbors, friends, etc.—you’re going to break at some point with too much on your plate.
  • Energy boost: Learn to say “no” – Every once in a while, it’s okay to tell someone no and not feel guilty about it. In fact, you may even find a renewed sense of self-power and energy to do things the way you want them to be done.

These are just a few ways to avoid unwanted energy drains and stay on top of your life so you can properly manage your weight loss goals. Emotional drains like these have the potential to pop up every day and stop you from achieving your weight loss goals. Use these steps to prevent emotional energy drain, and use that extra boost to go to the gym, cook a healthy dinner and stay on track with your weight loss goals.


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