Similarities between Fitness and Meditation

Meditation and fitness go hand in hand, even though the connection is not obvious to some of us. Fitness usually inspires thoughts of exercise and activity, while meditation implies quietude and stillness. People that practice both can understand the similarities and the benefits that each activity provides. Learn about lifestyle solutions in Ocala, such as proper fitness and meditation activities, and how they can be a part of your regular exercise and fitness routines, so you can receive the benefits of both.

Exercise involves meditation, even though many may not realize it. Some call exercise “moving meditation” because it creates the same types of emotional and chemical changes in our brains that come from meditation. It allows individuals to detach their minds from the day’s chaos, and it allows them to reconnect with their own inner spirit. Both meditation and exercise produce more calm and controlled thinking, along with improved creativity and concentration. Slower exercises performed over a longer period of time, such as swimming laps or long-distance runs, require the same type of deep, relaxed breathing that people perform while meditating. Deep breathing on its own is not a replacement for exercise, but it delivers many of the same benefits of physical activity, including enhanced weight loss. Studies have shown that deep breathing is also effective in easing anxiety and depression symptoms.

Fitness-promoting activities create the same kinds of physical benefits that come from meditation. During exercise, the brain’s alpha and gamma waves increase, which causes mental clarity and lowers elevated cortisol levels. Stress and anxiety cause the hormone cortisol to rise or stay elevated, causing negative health effects over time.

In today’s busy world, everyone is looking for ways to receive the maximum benefit with a minimum of time investment. Fitness programs teaching healthy weight loss in Ocala can help you integrate exercise that incorporates the benefits of meditation, giving you double the health benefits in the same amount of time. Make progress on your fitness goals and receive the added benefits of greater mental focus, clarity and inner peace.



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