The Best Type of Massage for You

Are you looking for an Ocala medical spa where you can get a massage that is both relaxing and promotes better health? After finding the right Ocala medical spa, the next question you need to ask yourself is what type of massage therapy is best for you. The following will provide you with some insight on the various types of massages so you can decide for yourself what sounds good.

Trigger Point Therapy

If you have a pulled muscle and just can’t seem to get rid of the pain, trigger point therapy may be for you. When you receive this type of therapy, the therapist presses his or her elbow, knuckle, finger or palms on the sore spot and presses down hard. The therapy is completed by repetitive circular motions intended to loosen tight muscles and joints.

The Hot Stone Method

There is very little physical contact with the therapist using this method. Instead, he or she place several hot stones in a line going down your back with the intention of using heat to increase blood flow. Once your blood circulation is stimulated, it results in a reduction of stiff, sore or knotted muscles in your back.

Deep Tissue Therapy

The purpose of this form of therapy is to reach the tendons and muscles that lie further below the surface of your skin. The therapist achieves this by placing one hand on top of the other, pressing down firmly and making deep circular motions. This is a popular form of therapy for athletes, although anyone with sore muscles can benefit from it.

The Swedish Method

This is one of many massages that originated in Sweden. It is intended more for relaxation than pain relief. Rather than pressing down firmly on any part of your body, the therapist uses soft, long and gentle strokes.



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