The Function of B-12 Injections and Weight Loss

One of the best, although also most challenging, ways to lose weight is to exercise. Sometimes, finding the energy to exercise is next to impossible. So even though you know that combining exercise with eating less could be the ticket to massive weight loss, you can’t bring yourself to actually work out. This is where B12 shots can make a positive difference in your attempts to lose weight and exercise more.

B12 is a vitamin produced by animals. When injected, it can give you more energy. This, in turn, supports your desire to exercise more often and can help get you on your feet. 

You burn calories. Exercise helps you burn massive amounts of calories and, assuming you don’t overcompensate by eating more, will result in weight loss.

Increase your resting metabolism. When you exercise you build muscle. Muscle uses more calories while resting than fat does. As a result, your resting metabolism speeds up when you have more muscle and you burn more calories while resting.

In addition to the energizing benefits of B12, it also helps prevent water retention which can make you look and feel thinner and more confident. When you exercise, you work weight loss on two levels.


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