BJ and Terry Weight Loss

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Video Transcript

BJ: We’ve been doing this for 3 months now, in the program and when we started I weighed as much as I’d ever weighed in my entire life.

Terry: Me too

BJ: He has taught us a complete lifestyle and we have learned how to eat, how to exercise and how to care for ourselves and the word diet has never entered into the program.

Terry: Right. Were learning better habits.

BJ: Were learning better habits of how to eat again and how to take care of ourselves. We actually look forward to working out every morning and right now I am within 10 pounds of my goal weight. My goal weight is to be back at my high school weight again.

Terry: I am getting close to mine also I am a little bit farther to go than he does.

BJ: We’ve done the off the shelf type of programs we’ve never gone through a program like this before. We’ve tried slim fast, getting skinny quick, it’s not your fault that you’re fat pills, and the things that you buy from TV commercials. But this is the first dedicated program that we have ever really tried.

Terry: And although were both treated individually were also treated as a couple and were taught what can help each other. So were able to work together and I think that really has contributed to our success. The staff has been wonderful since day 1 they never made us feel uncomfortable about the fact that we were way overweight. They have always worked with us in a positive manner. Friends ask us if it’s hard, its work and its commitment but with the service that’s provided here and the guidance it’s not hard. It’s almost easy.

BJ: It’ s been one of the easiest things that I’ve ever really done. The help that they give us with being that we travel a lot and being able to eat out we know what we can eat and we know the portion sizes that we should have and what things equate to. They really make us feel like family here. What a remarkable difference there is in both of us. I look and feel 20 years younger.

Terry: I can only say if you’re ready, Dr. Holloway and his staff will get you there.


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