Working out throughout Your Workday

Despite the fact that many of us feel tired after a long day at work, for many people physical activity is conspicuously absent throughout the day. This type of sedentary lifestyle often leads to weight gain that generally could have been prevented with a few relatively minor changes around your work schedule and your office. One way to foster a successful weight loss program at your Ocala workplace is to simply move as much as possible.

Standing while you work is one good way to burn off extra energy and lose weight without having to sacrifice time away from your desk area. In some cases, offices have even installed treadmills to the end of desks to help employees lose weight faster while working. Ask your adviser if this type of restructuring would be possible for a weight loss program in your office. One helpful tip to help you lose weight is to always make phone calls on a mobile device instead of a land line, so you can walk freely around the office while conducting important phone calls.

Another way to add more activity to your workday is to install fitness-motivated games, such as Wii Fit, into the office break room to focus more on burning off calories than adding them on with sugary snacks. If your Ocala workplace isn’t capable of making these changes, you can certainly make the change yourself by adding more activity into your work life. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, go for a walk and eat in a nearby park or go out for your meal. If it’s unreasonable to walk all the way to work, park further away than usual to get a good walk in before and after work. These small lifestyle adjustments will accelerate your weight loss program, while contributing to a more productive workday.



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