Professional Cosmetic Hair Removal Treatments

Both men and women deal with unwanted hair, and it can strike just about anywhere. Common areas for unwanted hair include the face, back, legs, fingers, feet, or toes. While there are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair at home, including everyday shaving, professional cosmetic hair removal options often offer longer results. Some cosmetic hair removal treatments can even provide permanent hair removal.

Professional Cosmetic Hair Removal Treatments

  • Laser Hair Removal – a trained professional uses a laser beam or light pulses to destroy the hair bulb, which results in long-lasting hair removal. This treatment can be performed on most parts of the body, although it can be expensive and painful. Multiple sessions are often required for best results.
  • Electrolysis – these hair removal treatments completely destroy the hair follicle and may use chemicals (galvanic electrolysis) or heat (thermolytic electrolysis). You should only work with a highly trained hair removal technician for electrolysis.
  • Medication – a doctor can prescribe oral medications or topical creams to prevent or slow hair growth. For example, Vaniqa is an FDA approved cream that is prescribed to slow facial hair growth in women.

While these hair removal options may require a larger initial investment than at-home solutions, the results should last longer and save you time.


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