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Well it’s been over six years ago now, but I have a lot of medical problems. Had a lot because of domestic violence, thyroids being removed and so. I have always been slender, younger but slender, 135-145 pounds, and when they removed my thyroid I started shooting up to 213. So this year would be seven years ago, I came up to see Dr. Holloway, Dr. Michael Holloway here, and at the time I didn’t think I could do it. I couldn’t set my mind to do it, I just couldn’t do it.

So saw him the one time, talked with him very nice. They weighed me and everything and I went back home and said I just can’t do that. Normally I’m not the type of person to keep paperwork, especially if I’m not going to use it, but I had put that in the cabinet.

You have to understand we have a very deep spiritual relationship, after you’ve been through what the both of us have been through. And one day a year ago in January I was going through the cabinet, and looked and saw Lifestyle Solutions Dr. Michael Holloway.

We’ve been praying for six or eight months, Lord help us lose this weight. I was gonna have to start on diabetic medication. Of course I’m on thyroid medication, on depression medication it was just a line and it was just rolling out of control. So I got the paper down and looked at Anthony and said, I’m going to call Dr. Holloway again and see if we can work this out.

I went in, they weighed me, he talked to me about my different options and nutrition, exercise. He didn’t say diet to me, he said we need to do a life change.

Dr. Holloway and all of his staff we’re, you’re doing so good, you’re doing so good. Especially since you can’t take anything. I was taking the B12 shots and I slowly worked from 15 minutes a day up till an hour a day walking and praying and coming once a week. Then I worked myself up until I was… I would not do it with anybody else but Dr. Holloway, but I asked him if this was your family would you give it to them? So I started taking the HCG shots, and it was very slow with me because my metabolism being so low. But he never criticized me if I came up and I had gained a pound, he was always, you’re doing great, you’re doing fantastic. So it kept me going.


I was reading in the lobby and I normally have a Christian book or my bible something that I was reading.  I would walk into the bathroom and we had a mirror on the wall, and I said boy you’re getting to be a fat slob. You need to do something. So we’re getting ready to go and I tell Tommie, okay babe I’m going to go up there to see Dr. Holloway with you. Really? Yep, but if he mentions diet you can forget about it I ain’t coming back. Most doctors give you a diet, 28 hundred and you walk out the door.

At the time I was at 250-255, approximately a 46-47 waist. Now a year, I wear a 32 pants and I weigh about 181.


I went from a size 18 pants to a 10, and an 8 in most pants. You get so motivated by that that you say oh gosh I don’t want to go over that amount of calories. So how much did I eat today. You write it down, you write down the fat. We try to tell people that, you want to go see Dr. Holloway, he will explain to you and keep you so motivated because you’re going to lose weight. And not only are you going to lose weight, you’re going to lose inches. He just makes you feel so good about yourself, because you do it.


Big thing about it, you don’t spend no extra money.


No, we eat regular food.


We eat chips, but we eat light chips. We count out our chips, but we still eat chips. We eat pretzels, but we just count the calories. We eat everything really, but it’s our choice not to overeat the best we can. I think I went over 1500 calories in a year, if I went over five times that was a lot.

The example is it’s the same thing with God. Nobody wants to deal with God, but yet they want everything from him. Nobody wants to try and lose weight, but yet they want the magic pill. Dr. Holloway like Tommie said, God was first because we prayed and prayed and he answered our prayer by Dr. Holloway. And Dr. Holloway came in and he treated us like we were people.


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