Crash Weight Loss Success

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Video transcript

Kevin: For me it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. I tried losing a little weight on my own I took off a few pounds at work, it was hard to maintain it and I was getting the hunger cravings and it just wasn’t quite working well until I met Dr Holloway and his staff. They came up with a complete custom program for me did a complete medical profile and explained precisely what I needed to do.

From the very beginning they coached me and encouraged me and made me feel really at home every time I came in. Sometimes at a medical office you may see it being a little bit sterile but here at lifestyle solutions the staff is warm and friendly –  it’s a spa environment.

Every week they are glad to see you when you come in and it is just very comfortable and relaxing from the lobby to the exam rooms it’s just a very nice place. I really thought that I hid the pounds easily till I started losing the weight then people were saying well you were a little overweight.

You see it in the face and you start dealing with some potential risk of diabetes when you get to be 40 years old or older so you really want to take care of yourself and have a sensible healthy lifestyle. It’ll effect your risk for diabetes and even your cholesterol will come down too if you start doing the right things and eating the right things. There is a lot of fads out there right now and some will help you lose weight really fast but if you’re really looking for something that is going to have some long term success and you’re looking at the whole package like body fat, statistics, water weight, the whole complete package that’s the way to go where you really get a healthier lifestyle.

I lost 45 pounds in 4 months so far. Energy level is more consistent throughout the day. I don’t have cravings and I don’t get hunger pains in the afternoon. I know when to eat, and what to eat and it just all evens out its all smooth throughout the day from morning to night. And like I said you start seeing results and you get motivated and just want to keep dialed into the program.


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