Melanie Weight Loss Success

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Melanie: I was looking for a weight loss clinic that could also look at my medical history. I called around and asked different questions to the spas and doctors that I had talked to and I wasn’t quite satisfied with what I was seeing. Then I heard about Lifestyle and I called.

They were very nice and they told me what I had to do on the first visit and we went through my medical history. Dr. Holloway also wanted my medications and wanted to know what I had done in the past and it was very personal and he cared.

So I started with them and I am very pleased the staff is wonderful. He looked how  my job,  what I did on my job,  what type of activities I was involved in, if I was sedentary at my job, if I moved around  at my job, what I did on my weekends, and what my hobbies were. He really went into depth and I like that because it showed that he understood the whole mechanism of the body. It’s one on one and all the girls are very nice.

Dr. Holloway is excellent and I really enjoy it, he’ll talk about his history and what he has done in the past. It’s always nice to feel like your friends as well as your doctor.


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