Feel the Burn this Summer

Burn Calories with Summer Outdoor Activities in OcalaBoost your weight loss results from fat burning injections like HCG and vitamin B12 by taking your workouts outside in the warm Florida sun. The gym is a great one stop shop for your workout needs, but you don’t have to spend your whole summer indoors. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can do in Ocala that will boost your weight loss results by burning serious calories.

Here are a few easy ways to burn calories this summer in Ocala.

Street & Trail Biking

Peddle your way to a tight and firm body by cycling outdoors this summer instead of indoors on the stationary bike. Cycling outside will fill your lungs with fresh air as you tone your quadriceps and hamstrings. You don’t have to stick to the street either—take your ride to some of Ocala’s natural bike trails like Santos Mountain Bike Trail and Hard Rock Mountain Trail.

Though regular street cycling will still help your burn calories, trail biking requires a bit more effort as the terrain is likely to have slight elevation changes, making for a better interval workout. Interval training alternates between short bursts of intense activity between periods of lighter activity and will surely boost your calorie-burning power. Trail biking for as little as an hour can burn up to 400 calories if you really push yourself for a good ride.


There’s no doubt that the Ocala sun can really bring the heat during the summer months, so try cooling off with a leisurely swim. Swimming is a great summer aerobic activity that can help you burn calories as your body moves against the water’s resistance. You don’t have to engage in synchronized swimming or even a structured workout, just relax and have fun leisurely swimming around. In just a short 20 minutes you could burn up to 200 calories.

Beach Volleyball

Though Ocala is landlocked, you can burn some calories if you travel to Ormond or Clearwater beach this summer. Pick up a fun game of beach volleyball with friends and family if you really want to feel the burn—and I don’t mean from the sun. Playing a game of beach volleyball is an easy way to elevate your heart rate while toning your core, shoulders and legs. The uneven surface of the sand helps your body burn more calories as it requires more efforts to move on. Even if you don’t make it to the beach, Ocala has several parks and gyms with volleyball courts so you can reap the same calorie-burning benefits of beach volleyball. Moving around in the sand for 30 minutes could help you burn approximately 280 calories.

Body Surfing

For this fun outdoor activity you will actually have to make it to the beach, but leisurely body surfing in the ocean’s waves is a great way to burn calories while you stay cool. If you want a better workout, make sure you paddle fast and hard when waves approach to increase your heart rate and tone muscles. Playing around in the surf at the beach for a short thirty minutes can burn about 100 calories. So grab your boogie board this summer and start paddling!

These are just a few fun ways to add a little variety to your workout routine this summer in Ocala. Take advantage of the gorgeous Florida weather and head outside to try out one of these fitness alternatives, just make sure to wear lots of sunscreen and stay properly hydrated at all times. If you know of any additional fun outdoor activities to do in Ocala, tell us about them in the comment section below.


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