Three Low-impact Workouts You’ll Love

For weight loss, try low impact workoutsLooking for a new workout routine to help you get fit and toned for the summer? Finding a form of exercise you truly enjoy will keep you entertained and motivated to work toward a healthier body, while engaging in a low-impact exercise will help to save your joints from the damage that workouts like running can cause. Though fat burning injections provide you with a quick way to get rid of fat without losing muscle mass, taking up one of these low-impact workouts will help you get fit and have fun all summer long:

  • Kayaking. A solid, balanced workout that will hit your core and your arms, an hour in a kayak will burn about 400 calories and give you a chance to get out in the sunshine and the great outdoors. Central Florida has tons of gorgeous waterways that are perfect for a kayak tour, particularly in the nearby Ocala National Forest. Best of all, kayaking is a no-experience-necessary water sport, the perfect workout for beginners and experts alike. To set up a kayak tour in the Ocala area, try contacting Central Florida Kayak Tours.
  • Yoga. Looking for inner peace and outer beauty? Yoga may be the perfect way to achieve both. Providing a strength and endurance workout, yoga can build upper body strength, improve your posture, benefit your breathing and even reduce stress. Plus, getting into the air-conditioned comfort of the yoga studio is a great way to beat the summer heat. Check out the Northcoast Yoga and Massage Center to get started in Ocala.
  • Rock climbing. Climbing is a great way to get a full-body muscle-building workout, but hitting the wall can also improve your flexibility. Some climbers even say that the concentration and problem solving required in moving up the wall can even become meditative. Because Florida isn’t exactly known for its cliffs or mountains, your best bet to start rock climbing is to find a gym that caters to climbers. Ocala doesn’t have its own dedicated rock climbing gym, but the Gainesville Rock Gym is less than an hour’s drive away and offers tons of great climbing, plus classes to help you get started.

Working out this summer doesn’t have to be a chore. If you’re bored with the same old exercise routines, try one (or all) of these low-impact activities for fun, full-body fitness.


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