Trampoline Fitness: How to Jump your Way Thin

For a fun, new way to exercise, trampoline fitness brings out the kid in all of us, and is great for weight loss in Ocala. Since the workout uses a mini-trampoline rather than a large backyard trampoline, this is one form of exercise that can follow you anywhere.

Fitness clubs have begun to offer hour-long classes for trampoline workouts. These intense sessions challenge attendees to maintain a fast pace that keeps them focused and releases feel-good endorphins in the body. It’s more than just jumping; these classes require you to shift your weight, twist your body, or move your arms around. Sometimes a prop is included, like waving a towel in a specific pattern. Or you might find yourself sitting on the trampoline, bouncing your rear end on beat with music.

The mini-trampoline is made of mats that are attached to a frame with thick elastic cords. The goal is to jump down onto the trampoline, rather than jumping high into the air as with backyard trampolines. And unlike backyard trampolines, which lack formal training or technique, mini-trampoline fitness synchronizes an entire class on beat to create the feel of a drum line. The exercise is intense enough to provide a cardio workout — and a healthy sweat.

Bouncing on the little trampoline exercises several key muscle groups: the abdominal core muscles, the legs, and especially the thighs, which must remain bent to keep the heart rate elevated and to prevent injuries. The trampoline also provides support during pushups, sit-ups, and weightlifting. That’s a lot of exercise for something that doesn’t create stress on the joints.

And there is an added bonus! The concentration required to maintain the intensity of the workout chases other stresses — mental, emotional or otherwise — right out of the body.




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