Taking Control of Your Diet

Do you finish the odd bits that your children leave on their plates? Or grab a piece of candy from the candy dish every time you walk by? Pick up a doughnut from the office sharing counter? When it’s time for a meal, do you find you’re really not hungry but know it’s been hours since your last meal? When you stop to think about all you have put in your mouth that day, that’s when you will realize that eating on autopilot can be a real problem. Finding a medical weight loss program in Ocala can help you to take control of your diet and shed any excess pounds, but there are a few simple changes you can make in your own life that will help you as well.

When beginning to learn how to lose weight, there are several things you should take into consideration right off the bat. By doing the following things, you are raising your awareness of what you’re eating from day to day and you are able to see where changes need to be made for weight loss success.

  • Keep a food journal– write down every single bite of food that you put into your mouth each day. For many, this will be very illuminating in realizing how much and what kinds of foods you are eating.
  • Pay attention– before you eat that piece of candy or the rest of that sandwich from Johnny’s plate, think about if you really want it or not. Is it just habit? If so, toss it. You don’t want the extra calories—save them for something good to eat!
  • Do not deprive– do not declare your favorite foods as off limits. No food should be off limits when you are learning how to lose weight. That being said, you do want to limit foods that are empty calories and do not provide your body with quality fuel.



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