How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Ever wondered if there are methods and techniques to losing a “double chin” apart from traditional dieting and exercise? Well, at Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa we offer two popular non-surgical treatments specifically designed to help reduce excess neck fat. Our team can minimize the appearance of a “double chin” by performing CoolMini™ or  KYBELLA® treatments; however, our practice prefers the CoolMini™ method over KYBELLA® due to the former’s ease and efficiency. 

During your initial consultation, our team will discuss the benefits of both the CoolMini™ and KYBELLA® procedures and help you determine the best treatment for your needs and aesthetic goals.


CoolSculpting® uses a “freezing” method to target excess fat cells and gradually break them down over a two- to three-month period. The body naturally expels the destroyed fat over time, leaving the patient with a more contoured look. Traditionally, CoolSculpting® has primarily been used to reduce and trim excess fat on areas of the body below the neck. Now, with CoolMini™, we are able to address smaller areas. CoolMini™ is a technique within the CoolSculpting® treatment platform specifically designed to help patients who want to eliminate their “double chin.” This hand-held attachment allows us to target the section in the neck where you may have a buildup of unwanted fat. CoolMini™ allows us to avoid any surgical procedures, incisions, and potential scarring. Another great benefit of CoolMini™ is that the results can last for many years with proper weight management, and the treatment requires little to no time off from your regular routine.


KYBELLA® is a cosmetic injectable that provides a non-surgical solution for reducing a double chin. The treatment is FDA-approved and is used to break down fatty tissue under the chin. Utilizing deoxycholic acid, a component that is natural to the human body, KYBELLA® can work to destroy and eliminate excess fat cells in targeted areas of the neck. The treatment can provide long-lasting results with a brief treatment session and little downtime following the procedure. 


While our practice offers KYBELLA® and CoolMini™, we prefer to provide patients with the latter. CoolMini™ offers convenience, accessibility, and minimal risks of negative side effects. This technique also does not require injections of any kind, and often results in less downtime when compared to KYBELLA®. During your consultation, our team will discuss your options and determine which procedure would be best for you depending on your individual needs.

If you are interested in getting rid of a double chin and want to learn more about procedures like CoolMini™ and KYBELLA®, contact us today!


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